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 PakShilajit is Sundried & Gold Grade  From Above 17000 feet From Himalayan Range (GB) Pakistan. From Highest Mountains & Best Quality Shilajit with  Sundried Process. Lab Tested From different countries Laboratories 

Himalayan (Sundried Shilajit) Resin

Its natural and purest (premium) form of shilajit. We get it from Above 17000ft Himalayan Mountains Pakistan. We also use the natural process of drying shilajit using sundried. it is the premium quality of shilajit.

improve energy
Improve Energy
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Anti - Aging
brain performance
Brain Performance
Gut Health
Gut Health
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Better Sleep
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Blood regulation

Our Customers Reviews

7 out of 10 Customers Feel the Effect of Shilajit after Single Usage

Shilajit is an amazing mineral-rich supplement. Many peoples will feel right after the first dosage. It gives you more energy makes your body active and Boosts your immunity. 

pakshilajit review
pakshilajit review
pakshilajit review
pakshilajit review

How to Use Himalayan Shilajit Resin

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Take 200mg to 300mg daily

pakshilajit jar with spoon

Use it 1 time daily. We do recommend taking it straight or mixed with a low calory beverage, however, you can mix it with anything you like except alcohol and tap water.

The average single serving amount for Himalayan Shilajit varies from 200 to 300mg. we added the measuring you can use shilajit with a measuring spoon. The best Time for Using Shilajit is Early Morning before breakfast on empty stomach you can also use it in the daytime or at night before sleep. But recommend is use on empty stomach every morning.

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